CE Marketing Tips: Share your real estate education link at in-person gatherings

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Hello again! Let's talk marketing strategies to help you be more successful with your real estate online CE marketing. Another great way to be successful in your real estate education affiliate program is by sharing your link at in-person gatherings.

Share your affiliate link at a meeting, luncheons, and seminars

As a business professional, you often find yourself at various events, meetings, etc. This is the perfect opportunity to let folks know about your real estate continuing education program and that you also have the CE they need to fulfill their education requirements.

List your link on presentation materials

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The professionals you come in contact with will most likely be seeing material about your organization, but do they know you now offer real estate continuing ed? Consider mentioning your real estate education affiliate program on this material. Even if they don't need to complete their CE requirements right now, they will in the future and will remember that you have the real estate CE they need.

Place your link on handouts

As you provide pamphlets and flyers to your members, add your revenue sharing link. Let them know that you have a program where they can complete their real estate continuing education online. Our software allows them to complete their courses at their own pace, using any internet ready device. You know how simple and easy our real estate classes are, share that knowledge with the real estate professionals you come in contact with and increase your revenue.

Succeed with your real estate education affiliate marketing

Earn more revenue and increase your credibility! Our bi-weekly marketing tips are a great (and easy) way to get the word out. Let your members know that you have a great product to offer with your online CE program.

RealEstateCE is the real estate school for success!

Remember we are here every step of the way so let us know if we can ever be of assistance.

This information is current as of November 2018

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