CE Marketing Tip: Sharing your real estate continuing education online link

Sharing your real estate continuing education online link in your newsletter

Happy Holidays! Let's discuss another great tip to help you share your real estate continuing education online link in a quick and easy way.


Share your real estate continuing education online link in your newsletter can be beneficial to your organization
Our CE courses are a great and easy alternative to help your members satisfy their real estate agent requirements to renew. So sharing your link will make sure they know about what you offer.

You are already contacting your member base with your organization's newsletters. So include your real estate continuing education online link as part of your newsletter!

Building memories using repetition

Creative brain conceptYou want your members to remember your real estate license renewal courses so when they need to complete CE, they know where to go. List your link persistently near the top of every newsletter. You will constantly be reminding them of your CE classes for real estate. This can be as simple as listing your link to something more elaborate by adding a fun visual aid/graphic to accompany your link.

By including your affiliate link in your newsletters, not only will you take the market on folks needing to purchase course now (short-term) but also those who will be renewing 6-months even a year from now (long-term).

What do you remember?

Think of your favorite commercial. You may remember it from a catchy jingle, a unique spokesperson, or an interesting logo. Chances are you also remember it because you have seen it over and over again (think: "My Pillow" guy). No matter what unique qualities the commercial has if you just viewed it one-time chances are you wouldn't remember it.

It is simple really, we all learn through repetition. When you remind your members of your real estate CE courses as often as you can, you increase the chance that they will choose you when it is time for their license renewal.

Let's Keep In Touch

We hope you have enjoyed this week's marketing tip. We want to see you succeed with your continuing education real estate program. Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions or ideas---we love to keep in touch.

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