Real Estate Continuing Education Alumni: July 2018, Don Myers

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We love our student and love to share their stories. Our Real Estate Continuing Education Alumni for July 2018 is Don Myers. Don has been in real estate for 42 1/2 years since January 1976. He says, "It doesn't sound long if I say a little over 4 decades."

Don Myers

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What prompted you to begin your real estate career?

When I graduated from Penn State, I worked for 5 1/2 years in rural property lending. I was raised on a farm, love being out of doors and growing things, loved working with farm equipment, and found in my lending job I loved working with rural people. I met many Realtors also. Some made positive impressions, and some made very negative impressions. While my lending experience was a very good learning experience, there were aspects of that job that I didn't care for. At one point was offered the opportunity to become affiliated with a person who specialized in the sale of farms. Several months later, I called him up and said I would like to come work with him.

What do you love most about real estate?

Helping people. One of the brokers at the first real estate firm I worked with said to me the function of a Realtor is to solve people's problems. In many ways that is a very true description of the job. I've always felt that my job is to protect seller's equity and to help buyers get honest value for the dollars they pay.

I've had two sellers through the years where I recommended for them to file bankruptcy. That is not something a person does lightly. Both parties were behind in their payments, but had lots of equity, and were voluntarily selling and both lenders wanted to continue foreclosure. Both owners filed bankruptcy following my recommendation, and both owners did limited subdivision. The owners paid off all of their debts and had significant funds left for themselves. The most ironic thing was in the one case when the bank was paid off, the lender who said they would not stop the foreclosure sent me a note and said "great job, Don". I never understood why he made us go through foreclosure in the first place. Both of the instances above were prior to 2008.

What would your words of wisdom be for a new agent or someone thinking of entering the real estate field?

Don't!!!!!!!!! No, not really. You have to love working with people!!!!!!! You have to know your time is not your own and to know that this is not a 9 to 5 job. One must have ethics and character and must go above and beyond the Realtor's Code of Ethics. Always give people the best possible advice on what is best for them, not what is best for you financially.

My very first associate 30 years ago thought you sit in the office, put your feet up on the desk, and wait for the phone to ring. I explained to him over and over what he needed to do to be successful. He left me and went with another Realtor. He didn't last there either.


My observation through the years has been that 80% of the folks who become Realtors last less than 2 years. They think it is easy money that just comes flowing in. They have no idea of the hours and dedication that it takes to be successful. I lost an associate 2 years ago who could have been a great Realtor. But she wanted it to be a 9 to 5 job. I told her I can't make the job a 9 to 5 job like you would like it to be. Ultimately, she left real estate. But if a person is willing to make the commitment that the job requires, the rewards are great.

I had a person come up to me at our Ag Progress Days display 3 years and ask me if I remembered him. I said no. He said, "well, you sold me a farm!" That got my attention!!!!!!! I said, where was the farm? He told me. I said you bought so and so's farm. He told me I was correct. My first question to him was if that was a good thing for him and his family? He said yes!!!!!!! So I sold him a property 30+ years ago. He and his family lived there, farmed it, and it is was a blessing to him and his family!!!!!!! That is what being a Realtor is all about!!!!!!!

What is your most interesting real estate story?

Probably above in how I've helped people.

What was your favorite property you've sold?

A horse farm 8 miles west of town (State College, PA). This was 12 years ago. It was a horse farm. Picture perfect, well, after he got all of the outbuildings painted. I asked him why he wanted to sell. He said from a health standpoint he needed to, but also, he felt we were on a bubble, and it would crash. I've always enjoyed using the most current technology to market listings. I felt the DVD I made on their farm was great. They wrote me back after they saw it that there wasn't anybody else in central PA who could have produced anything like I did for their farm. That was a really great compliment.

Where do most of your leads come from?

Referrals, and our Farm and Rural Lifestyle website. Real estate is a very dynamic market. Technology advances exponentially. A person must always be looking forward, or they will be following from behind.

What marketing strategy has worked the best for you?

Providing the most detailed information available on the net for our listings. Going above and beyond.

What role do you see yourself holding in real estate in the next 10 years?

Helping the next generation be as successful as I have been, and to be blessed in the ways in which I have been blessed.

How do you see yourself making a difference in real estate?

By providing a standard of excellence way above the average.

Do you have a role model or inspiration in real estate?

One of the Broker/Owners in the first real estate firm I worked in. He always appreciated the quality of work a person did, the professionalism with which they did it, and their honesty and integrity. Bill, I trust you are resting in peace!!!!!!!

Learn more about Don

Learn more about Don

Don has been Central Pennsylvania's premiere resource for buying and selling rural property for over 30 years. Don would love to help you find the perfect rural PA property. Visit his site Don Myers Remax Rural Lifestyle Real Estate, or you can also contact him at 814-571-9518 or by email at

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