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When you signed up with us, we sent you a dynamic link to post on your website allowing people to take advantage of this partnership. But what exactly is a dynamic link, and why is it important?

What is a dynamic link?

A dynamic link is a convenient piece of code that you easily place on your website. This code connects directly to RealEstateCE.com's database.

Dynamic links are amazing. It used to be, if you wanted to sell something on your site, you would create an image or use someone's logo and assign a link to it. That's it. Nothing changes. Ever. So, your clients will not get the most current promotion and will end up paying more. This type of link is called a static link.

A dynamic link is just that. It's dynamic - it changes - it doesn't leave you behind. Paste the link (or code) on your website just once and you're golden. The link will update and change automatically as our promotions come along. Of course, people won't see "a link". They will see a graphic banner in it's place.

When you place our link on your website, a graphic banner like the one shown in this picture will show in it's place. The banner will automatically change monthly. Anyone clicking this image will be taken directly to the course catalog page assigned to you!

How do you know your course catalog page is indeed assigned to you?
Easy. Open or click on your dynamic image and scroll to the very bottom of the page. You'll see text like this:

When you browse on RealEstateCE.com through your link, you can scroll to the very bottom of the page and see "Via RealCE Rewards Referral" text with your link information. This is how you can be sure you're truly browsing through your link!

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This information current as of September 2018.

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