My First Month Working for RealEstateCE!

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Hello, I am Danielle Redlinger, I am the newest member of the team. I have been working here for about a month and I only continue to get more excited about my new role as a Distance Learning Consultant. is different than any other place I have worked (in a great way)!

I am so thankful every day I answered the employment ad and applied for this position. After a few disappointing attempts, I was taking a break from applying for jobs for a week. When I saw the ad for RealEstateCE and the position, I could not pass up applying. One conversation with Effie when she called to schedule an interview and I knew I had made the right decision. I could hear the pride in her voice to be working for such an amazing company. It is obvious everyone here cares about RealEstateCE"s success, I knew I would be a good fit.


As I moved through the interview process it became more and more obvious to me that I would love working for this company. It had been so long since I truly wanted to get a position so much this felt more like a new career, not a new job. I knew I had the skill–set needed to do well, but I never thought I would genuinely enjoy the interview process. Everyone I spoke with made me comfortable and I could hear that same love for what they do. From the first time, I learned what the position was all about until now this has not changed.

Meeting the Staff did not disappoint.

My first day on the job, I met my new co–workers and I felt so welcome. We are truly a family, a family that works together to give Real Estate Professionals the best CE Experience possible. As I have begun learning the job and talking to the clients, I can hear how satisfied our customers are to be a part of our family. Our dedicated staff ensures the best place to go for online Real Estate CE.

We get to wear many hats.

The RealEstateCE staff is small but mighty. We all matter and not one of us has a one–size–fits–all role within this company. We are always working on different projects, research, and communicating to find new and improved directions to take with our course offerings. As I train I really have enjoyed learning new skills or refreshing ones I have not used since college. I will never be bored working at As I learn the ropes I am so happy to be able to train under I look forward to learning more about the job and our clients.

My first month at RealEstateCE has been a great experience, I have been looking to find something that excites me this much for a very long time. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel supported and encouraged by everyone to succeed in my position. As I continue to grow with RealEstateCE company I sincerely hope to show our clients the pride I feel given the opportunity to work for such a wonderful place.

Contact us today and speak to me or any of our other dedicated Continuing Education Professionals. Or you can learn all about myself and my wonderful co–workers on our About Us page at Blog Logo - Our Sole Purpose is Real Estate CE License Renewal

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  1. Welcome to the RealEstateCE family Danielle! We are excited to be a part of your journey with us and to see you are just as committed to bringing our customers the best Real Estate CE experience possible. Our people working together are why we bring the best customer service in the industry and we are happy to have you as a part of the team. We look forward to your collaboration to ensure we are bringing the most engaging and relevant CE information to our clients.

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