Our Marketing Tips Sheet for Revenue Sharing – Share and Make More Revenue!

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Special Discount Code: MARKETCE

Who doesn't love discount codes? Share your special revenue discount code with this handy marketing tips sheet! Print it, check the items off, and get more clicks and revenue for CE renewal!

1) On Your Association Website

Place your Revenue Sharing Link on your association’s website. You may want to move the link to a more traffic-heavy page, or your home page! It's important to make your link easy to find to encourage your members to click.

2) Bookmark Your Link

By bookmarking your Revenue Sharing Link, your members will be prone to select it when they start typing RealEstateCE.com into their browser.

3) At In-Person Gatherings

Display your Revenue Sharing Link at meetings, seminars, and other in-person gatherings on presentations and handouts to encourage members to use it.

4) In Newsletters

List your Revenue Sharing Link near the top in every newsletter to bring it back to your members' minds.

5) CE Renewal Reminder Flyers

Print and place the attached CE flyers on your agent tables and other places where you display important information.

6) Compliance Reminder Service

Register your association with this convenient service and list your Revenue Sharing Link for your members to purchase CE! We'll make sure your members never miss their CE renewal again! We send out timed reminder emails about their license expiration date and remaining CE courses needed for renewal.

7) Your Email Signature

Display your unique Revenue Sharing Link in your email signature. Use a styled or plain text link with the words, "Get your CE done." You could also list the entire link at the bottom of all your email messages.

8) Your Videos

If you have a YouTube or Vimeo account, or share videos elsewhere, visually display or orally reference your unique Revenue Sharing Link. Many times you can place the link right into the video or in the video description.

9) Other Marketing Materials

List your Revenue Sharking Link in your other marketing materials, such as business cards, postcards, mailers, podcasts, and other areas. You know your marketing the best!

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