Changes to Connecticut real estate license renewal requirements

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The Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection has made changes to their Connecticut real estate license renewal requirements. Don't worry, we will help guide you and make sure you are in compliance.

We have the courses you need to fulfill your Connecticut real estate license renewal requirements.

You will still need to complete 12 hours of continuing education but there are 2 new mandatory courses: CT Real Estate Law Review and Fair Housing Part 1 and CT Real Estate Law Review and Fair Housing Part 2. Both of these courses are 3 credit hours.

Our Connecticut course offerings approved by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and Connecticut Real Estate Commission for the 2018 to 2020 license renewal cycle. We make it easy to fulfill your requirements.

In addition to the Connecticut Real Estate Law Review and Fair Housing courses, we also have a full line up of brand new elective CE courses.

Duties of a Real Estate Broker
Are you a real estate broker or thinking of becoming a broker? If so, you will want to take this course. This course covers a variety of topics such as fair housing compliance, supervision, anti-trust, accounting, and much more.

Ethics and Business Practices
This course provides you with a basic understanding of ethical behavior in the real estate business. Upon completion, you will feel more confident with complex ethical decision making.

Tiny Homes and Other Alternative Properties
Tiny homes are big business. This course will help you learn how to market tiny homes so you can be successful.

Commercial Real Estate Investing
Are you a residential agent who has been thinking of venturing into commercial real estate? The difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate are night and day. Let this course help be your light to guide you on the path to your commercial real estate success.

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