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Mistakes, we all make them but some can be very costly. Don't let a mistake ruin your real estate career. Our Avoiding Common Mistakes CE course is exactly as the title says and helps you keep your license, reputation, and good name safe.

Avoid a legal nightmare with our online CE courses

Avoid hassles by watching out for these 4 most frequently made mistakes.

Sink faucet and water drippingDisclosure of known defects

Many states require sellers to complete a written property disclosure regarding defects about a property. While the seller must complete the form, remember that as the real estate licensee, you are responsible to mention any material facts that you notice. You must advise your client to list these on their disclosure and make sure that the purchaser is aware also.

Avoid this mistake by remembering, when in doubt disclose.


Did you know that 65%–70% of all real estate litigation arises from cases of misrepresentation or the lack of disclosures?

Avoid this mistake by making sure you know the laws and regulations for your state and consulting with your broker when you need advice.

If you are not a lawyer, don't give legal advice

Buying and selling a home can be confusing, and you are the professional! Image how your client must feel. Remember you are not an attorney, as much as we want to help our client sometimes their questions are beyond our scope of practice.

Keep yourself safe from this mistake by knowing when to consult with your designated broker or managing broker and see if legal counsel is needed.

Contractual mistakes

Contracts are an essential part of the transfer of real estate and one tiny mistake can have a HUGE consequence.

How can you stay safe? Review the most frequently used forms and practicing completing them is a great way to become familiar and protect yourself from risk.

RealEstateCE's Avoiding Common Mistakes CE Course

Even the most diligent real estate agent can get sued. The good news is with the proper real estate training, you can dramatically reduce your risk.

Contact us today to learn more about our Avoiding Common Mistakes CE course as well as our other online real estate CE courses.

This information current as of November 2018.

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