Proper Real Estate Agency Disclosure

Proper real estate agency disclosure was not always used in the real estate industry. This lack of disclosure leads to a lot of unnecessary confusion. This era of nondisclosure, however, is long over. Nowadays, real estate professionals are required to disclose their agency representation relationships. Without the proper disclosure, real estate professionals can get into legal trouble. Therefore, engaging in proper disclosure will not only safeguard your integrity but also your career. You never want there to be a miscommunication between you and your clients. Therefore, you want to ensure that you and your clients are on the same page. The first step towards achieving this is proper real estate agency disclosure.

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Oklahoma Mandatory Residential Property Condition Disclosure Form

On November 1, 2017, real estate licensees must use the new Oklahoma Mandatory Residential Property Condition Disclosure Form  The form will be available on the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission website on November 1. Signing up with the Commission to receive updates is vital to the Oklahoma real estate licensee. Visit the commission online at: to sign up today!

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